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We’ve all hear the question, “Do you see the glass half full or half empty?”  Personally, I believe what we see is our reality and if we look around and aren’t happy, then we need to choose to look at something that will indeed uplift us.

When looking at Detroit, it’s only fitting that I use the phrase, “Detroit Half Full.”  According to the , Detroit peaked to a population of 1.85 million people in 1950.  60 years later in 2010, the city is home to approximately 713,777 people.  True, this is a huge loss to a city that was once the 4th biggest city in the United States.  However, I sincerely believe what that leaves is opportunity.

Recently I read an article titling a zip code in Detroit, MY zip code, as .  It was depressing reading it.  I’m sure my family and friends in Seattle and San Francisco read it and thought “Oh my god.  My daughter/sister/niece/friend lives THERE?!”  Contrarily, when I go out of my door each morning, I do not see the doom and gloom of my surroundings.  I see the new businesses popping up, neighbors coming outside to help me replace a tire in the snow at night, schools using innovative practices to promote education to all students and art around me.  I am proud of my zip code and proud of my city each and every day.  If what the nation chooses to look at are all of the negative images, abandoned buildings and empty spaces, then that is what they will believe Detroit stands for.  However, if people simply turn their heads just a couple of inches, they will instead see magnificence, boundless opportunity and a community unlike many others.

Especially as a teacher, I strive to show my students, the future of this city, an alternative view of their surrounding.  There will always be challenges no matter where they go, but its not what happens, but how they handle and view these challenges that shows as a measure of strength.

My vision with this site is to work alongside other sites, already promoting positivity within the city, to change the reality of how people view Detroit.  Like the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” I will show “a post a day keeps the negativity at bay.”  Enjoy Detroit.  Choose to see the city as half full, not half empty.


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  1. rebecca permalink
    August 8, 2012 12:48 pm

    A pleasant surprise to run into Blair here and know he “stays even when he goes”. Love the site!

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